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These are used in a range of sectors: steel works, pharmaceutical industries, food producers, petrochemical and chemical sectors and electricity stations and can be used where there is water and any type of gas. Thanks to their special structure they can compensate for any irregularities and any inexact alignment of the flange also with minimum clamping thus, resulting in less wear and tear on the flange sealing surfaces.


Max. operating pressure 25 bar

NR from -20 to 60°C

NBR from -25 to 70°C

EPDM from -30 to 120°C

CSM from -20 to 120

FPM from -20 to 200°C


Features and properties


These are produced by means of a rubber vulcanisation process, on a flat metal ring, obtained through a shearing process to guarantee suitable isolation of the ring and thus, impede separation when used in extreme conditions. The inner ring increases resistance to pressure and various types of metals can be used to produce it as well as different types of rubber for producing the vulcanised sheathing, in turn it can be produced in different sections.  G-ST 1  -  G-ST 2.