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Spiral wound gaskets

Oil refineries, chemical industries, steam generation and conversion plants and electrical power plants, represent just some of the industrial sectors that need these types of gaskets. Given their particular structure, these gaskets are perfectly suited to metal surfaces, able to support high levels of pressure.



Features & properties


Spiral wound gaskets produced by Metalseals are constituted by a metal strip with a special shaped profile, coupled with another filler strip which may be in: Graphite - PFE - Glass fibre - Mica

These materials are consistently wrapped with a constant wrapping tension. When under compression, the special metal profile has an elastic action which guarantees a perfect seal in all fluctuating temperature and pressure conditions. The form of execution is not normally circular, but these can also be produced in an oval, oblong, square, pear or diamond shape (upon client request) and with the special shaping of the metal strip. In addition, they can also be assembled with an internal or external centring ring, or both.



Use of rings in spiral wound gaskets


The internal ring serves as a deflector insofar as the internal diameter is normally the same as the internal diameter of the flange, thereby avoiding the deposit of material in the gaps between the flanges. It is normally made from the same material as the spiral, therefore protecting it from corrosion and avoiding the erosion of the flange.

The external ring on the other hand is used as a centring device for the bolts and prevents the lateral expansion of the spiral. Its thickness is used as a reference for the correct installation of the gasket.


We can provide clients with any type of special spiral upon request, with a diameter of up to over 4000 mm, compliant with all industry regulations.